According to Statistica, the number of job openings in December 2022 reached 11.01 million in the USA alone. That’s hard, and the number of active job seekers was even more. What’s even harder is the job of the recruiters who are trying to fill up this gap. Posting jobs, screening resumes, calling for interviews, and whatnot is a mammoth amount of work. The pain points that recruiters go through are a tough job to handle. In 2018, in a survey by Dice half of the recruiters shared that they spend about 30 hours of their work on talent sourcing alone. Well, as technology is evolving faster than ever it’s also addressing these issues. A lot of AI-driven recruitment tools are already out there in the market, and that’s automating talent sourcing.

In this post, we’ll discuss these AI recruiting tools, and some of the most frequently asked questions about them. Also, review some of the best AI-powered recruitment tools out there in the market.

Introduction To AI Recruiting Tools

AI recruitment software is the technology that uses artificial intelligence & machine learning to streamline the recruitment process—the application of artificial intelligence with predictive analysis to automate and mitigate the manual tasks of recruiters.

Frequently Asked Questions: AI Recruiting Tools

Let’s delve into some of the most frequent questions people ask about AI recruitment tools.

How AI Can Be & Is Used In Recruitment?

Although the use cases of AI are a separate discussion itself, here are some ways AI is being used in recruitment:

  • Candidate Sourcing: These tools also help to search for qualified candidates from various sources such as job boards, and professional networks, and attract more qualified candidates. 
  • Resume Screening: These AI-powered recruitment tools help recruiters screen resumes faster.
  • Scheduling Interview: Scheduling interviews is one of the most stressful jobs. But there are tools out there that have the power to automate interview scheduling.
  • Automating Initial Interview: Chatbots are being used to automate initial interviews.

These are some of the notable use cases of AI recruiting tools, but the use case most certainly doesn’t stop here though.

How Does An AI Recruitment Platform Work?

AI-driven recruitment platforms incorporate machine learning algorithms, and natural language processing AKA NPL to automate various recruitment tasks. Some of these are mentioned above in the answer to the previous question.

What are the advantages of using AI in recruitment?

Some of the key advantages of incorporating AI in the recruitment process are:

  • Speed & Efficiency: By automating a variety of recruitment tasks through these AI-powered platforms, the agility in the recruitment process has increased.
  • Attracting The Right Candidates: Attracting and eventually hiring the best possible candidate is a priority for every company. AI can help to write effective job ad copies, for advertisement. There are tools out there that’ll even write copies for you. Also matching technology is being used to direct candidates to apply for the most relevant jobs.
  • Increased Productivity: Automating the time-consuming repetitive tasks helps recruiters shift their focus to more important tasks. Saving time and increasing productivity.
  • Automating Initial Interviews: A lot of companies are automating initial interviews through chatbots. This not only saves time but also improves the candidate’s experience, and enhances the employer’s brand.
  • Automating Interview Scheduling: As mentioned earlier,  the recruiter gets stuck on scheduling interviews. Where they could focus on much more important tasks. Depending on how frequently your organization hires. By using AI platforms and tools recruiters can let these tools do the heavy lifting for them.

These are some of the notable advantages. But it doesn’t necessarily stop there though. Let’s delve into some of the best AI recruiting tools out there in the market.

AI Recruiting Tool Review


An AI-powered recruiting tool, that goes beyond traditional sourcing tools, works as a cure to your database fatigue and connects with a variety of interested talents. 

Features: Fetcher

Automated Sourcing: It sourcing not only uses machine learning but also human intelligence to provide you with the best possible candidate. You get curated candidate profiles with up-to-date candidate info, send them in batches, and finally ditch the database.

Chrome extension: With its chrome extension you can also manually add candidates to the fetcher.

Diversity: They put diversity as their priority, allow you to create custom diversity goals, and give diversity metrics such as gender, and demographics.

Engagement: Its engagement features let you automate your email outreach with the option of manual personalization. There’s recruiting CRM as well that helps keep in touch with your candidates.

Integration: Seamlessly integrates with your go-to office tools, and you can have it sync with your ATS within seconds.

Pricing & Who is for?

Fetcher doesn’t have any upfront pricing. They’re charged based on the number of seats your team needs, and the number of vetted talent leads that are sourced. You’ll have to contact their sales team to tailor the pricing based on your organizational needs. Fetchers can be used by companies of any size, looking to automate and increase efficiency in their hiring, and their applicant outreach process.


An AI-driven recruiting platform that not only helps recruiters but also the candidates. If you wished for hiring an assistant or an assistant to help get recruited then Paradox is your way to go. Paradox suite comes with an AI chatbot named Olivia that helps you recruit and get recruited. 

Features: Paradox

AI Chat Bot Assistant: As mentioned Paradox suite comes with Olivia. A chatbot assistant that starts chatting right off the bat and after a few rounds of conversing you’ll start seeing options.

Automate Scheduling: Other than their unique selling point the AI assistant, you can also have it automate the interview schedule.

Automate Screening: Its AI engine screen candidates’ resume also, based on simple text-based conversations to give recruiters the most relevant information needed.

Enhance Brand & Experience: Its experience feature Olivia can act as a content discovery engine and make your careers site evolve for each candidate without overhauling it.

Pricing & Who is for?

There’s upfront pricing disclosed, you’d have to share your information and schedule a custom demo based on your company size. Olivia was designed specifically for organizations with frequent hiring needs. Based on their website and reviews, restaurants, retail businesses, Logistics, and healthcare industries have gained the most success through the platform.


Turing is an amazing tool that offers an AI-powered talent cloud. This aids you from sourcing to managing your recruited talents. Turing helps hire the top talents in the technical sphere. To be more specific in the software development field. It’s used by some of the top companies such as Pepsi, Coinbase, Dell, etc. It specializes in remote hiring and matches the best possible talent. 

Features: Turing

Hire Based On Skills: You just need to provide the right skills that are needed for the talent that you are looking for. Turing finds the best possible candidates based on those skills. 

Candidate Matching: Its AI-powered deep vetting and talent cloud matches the best-suited candidate. All it needs is a push of a button.

Team Hiring: Not only you can hire talents but you can also hire an entire team of developers within days.

Facilitates Video Interview: You’ll be able to conduct video interviews through Turing.

Hiring Analytics: Turing provides you with hiring analytics to make sure that your match is the right one.

Intelligent Time Tracking & Daily Standups: Even after hiring the software aids in your project. Its time tracking, timezone management, and daily standups ensure clear visibility.

Gets smarter as you use it: It uses its past experience and gets smarter as use it.

Pricing & Who is it for?

There’s no upfront pricing. Although some world-class companies have used, and are using Turing. Small and mid-sized companies with limited HR professionals may find its Ai driven recruiting capabilities attractive. And that’s based on the engineer rates and hiring efficiency. Again as mentioned earlier, Tuting is best for technical recruiters.


Humanly, is an AI-powered recruiting platform, that allows HR professionals to harness the power of automation, and streamline recruiting process using AI-backed chatbots. 

Features: Humanly

Screening Automation: Through its even-handed screening automation you can save hours of your time that you’d spent on administrative work. 

Scheduling Automation: Imagine coming to your workplace, and seeing your calendar full of interview schedules, You’d have to fix spending time on screening through resumes, sending texts and having phone call conversations.

Conversation Intelligence: Its conversational intelligence helps you capture metrics such as emotional intelligence, candidate sentiment, interview questions asked, empathy, custom trackers, etc.

AI-Powered Reference Check Automation: It’s intelligent chatbots can trigger interactions, with the option for them to reply at their convenience. That later gets attached to the candidate profile. Humanly claims that they have a 95%  completion rate.

Pricing & Who is For?

The pricing for Humanly is not disclosed upfront, so you’d have to contact their sales team. Humanly is best for mid-sized companies who want to streamline their recruitment process. It’s already tailored for companies who have their own ATS system. So, no need to worry about integration nuisances.


Arya, created by Leoforce, is an AI-powered recruiting platform that claims to be the first of its kind. It aims to go beyond conventional AI by helping recruiters and candidates find the best possible match. 

Features: Arya

  1. Uniques Candidate Matching Attribute: Comes with 300+ matching attribute that makes sure beyond qualified candidates are getting hired who are more likely to succeed in the hiring organization.
  2. Seamless Integration: Its seamlessly integrates with your ATS.
  3. Bias Reduction: It also includes a diversity of options to reduce unconscious bias and meet your DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) hiring goals.
  4. Intelligent Job Advertising: Its internet job advertising feature places ads where the most qualified candidates are likely to see them.
  5. Smart Algorithm: The platform is designed to scale up your recruiting efforts and gets smarter as you keep on using it.

Pricing & Who is it For?

Arya is for businesses of all sizes depending on their needs. It is quite expensive that offers two different plans,

Arya Pulse ranges from $199/per job to $599/per job for best-suited businesses that don’t recruit frequently.

Arya Quantum is a subscription-based service best suited for large-sized businesses and staffing agencies, you’d have to contact their sales to tailor the plan for you.

Although it is pretty expensive, you can definitely give it a go, if you think it is worth the short.

Pricing & Who is For?

The pricing for Humanly is not disclosed upfront, so you’d have to contact their sales team. Humanly is best for mid-sized companies who want to streamline their recruitment process. It’s already tailored for companies who have their own ATS system. So, no need to worry about integration nuisances.


Findem is the only AI-powered recruiting tool in this list that goes beyond keyword matching and allows you to find matches based on intangible attributes. 

Features: Findem

Automated Candidate Profile Information: The pulls data across the internet to provide candidate data, and gives you a summary of your profile.

Attribute-Based Search: As mentioned above the software allows you to search based on attributes. You set attributes as per your needs, and the most relevant candidate profile.

Pricing & Who is for?

Findem doesn’t offer any upfront pricing. You’d have to reach out to their sales to find the plan that works best for your organization. This is best suited for large-size companies with over 500 hundred employees.

The Downsides of Using AI In Recruitment

Several popular companies such as Coinbase, Swiss Monkey, and even Pepsi have used artificial intelligence tools to recruit. So it’s pretty visible that AI/ML-powered technology has its advantages. As we mentioned earlier there are tons of ways how AI can aid the recruitment process. But there are challenges as well. Let’s take a look at some of the downsides of using AI in recruiting.

It Can Be Less Accurate

AI technology gets accurate as you feed it with data. If it consumes bad or insufficient data it’ll vomit inaccurate results. 

Lack Of Human Judgment

Using AI in screening candidates can produce great results, but it can get stuck consuming insufficient data, and suggest similar candidate profiles. So while using AI in recruitment one should be careful, and necessary human interaction should be included.

Can Be Impartial

Although in the age of AI chatbots such as ChatGpt, AI most certainly is not great for building solid relationships. While a recruiter can definitely leverage chatbots are great for answering FQAs or asking pre-selected questions. AI can help recruiters in building relationships while doing the heavy lifting on administrative tasks. So that recruiters can finally get back to the human side of the recruitment process. Build meaningful relationships.

Limited Empathy

AI is great at predicting patterns but it lacks empathy. AI is not able to make human judgments, and take complex human behavior into account.

Wrapping Up: Biggest Pro Using AI In Recruiting

Apart from the lackings of human-level characteristics, AI is still useful to make your recruitment process much more efficient than ever if used correctly. If used correctly AI technology can provide unbiased results. So there’s nothing to be afraid of using AI in recruitment. Other than that alongside nature, technology is forever evolving.

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