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UX Audit –

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User Experience (UX) has become one of the biggest concerns in the last few years to keep a business on the right track in terms of customer retention and business competition. Our user experience services entitle you to a collection of methods, skills, & tools used to study and analyze a user’s interactions with your business.

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2 Weeks
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UX Audit
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Focused Areas

Improve User Acquisition

A company spends a lot of money on user acquisition, so if a user cannot easily login/register in a system it costs the company a lot of money. That is why finding flaws in the acquisition part & suggesting improvement was one of our key focuses.


Improve Product Discovery

One of the main pain points of a user is to find out their required medicine from this huge range of medicines. So we focused on ways to make this experience as smooth as possible.

Increase Conversion Rate

The most important step in an e-commerce website is “order placement”. A user should be able to place an order without any hassle. So we searched for every blockage in this process & suggested all the necessary changes required to make this step hassle-free.


Project Lifecycle

In order to ensure identify a seamless User Experience of any feature of any project, we go through a systematic process of workflow.

First, we need to understand the business to give actionable recommendations about changes you can make to your product to increase conversion and engagement.

Before diving into the product we need to get enough knowledge about the industry and the relevant products available in the market. This will help us understand the ease and familiarity of users with the product in the same domain.

Then we go through the features of the product. Perform actions and go through each of the use cases figuring out how easy or difficult it is for the user to accomplish the objectives. This analysis would help us find out the flaws in the UX, and the pain points of the product based on UX standards and best practices.

After completing a heuristic evaluation, we identify the issues with the severity index & recommend design solutions for each of the major identified flaws. These recommendations are based on industry-focused UX best practices which are tested and users are somehow adapted to those practices.

Project Lifecycle
Firoze Ahmed
Firoze Ahmed

Chief Product Officer

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Customer Retention Is The Cornerstone

Z.K. Rony,

Now my customers are able to interact through my system flawlessly!

As a startup, when we first developed our project we could not afford the time to ensure the best user experience. But with help of Polygontech, we could easily run an audit & fixed the major flaws within a very short period of time which resulted in an increased order conversion rate in our existing system.

Z.K. Rony


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Firoze Ahmed
Firoze Ahmed
Chief Product Officer