In today’s world, companies need to be effective and execute fast to stay relevant in the market. Especially, in the technology sphere. Software development to be more specific. In an agile development environment where execution needs to be fast. Hitting deadlines can be challenging from time to time.

This is where your company can use an augmented team and stay on the competitive edge.

The use case varies from industry to industry. But one thing that all industry has in common is technology. At this age are you even running a business, if you are not scaling it with technology?

In this post, you’ll learn when augmenting your software development team is most profitable.

Now, What is Team Augmentation?

Team augmentation is a type of Staff Augmentation. The only difference is you augment an entire team rather than hiring one specialist. A type of outsourcing that allows enhanced efficiency, while maintaining quality.

In plain words. it is a cost-efficient software development team as a service.

What is Software Development Team Augmentation In Agile?

A software development team with an agile development model runs on tight deadlines. And, depending on needs these companies need to scale their team up and down from time to time.

The software development team augmentation model allows them to fulfill that faster. And with a more flexible onboarding process.

You should have a better understanding of what it is by now.


Let’s get straight into why you should augment your tech team. And, when it makes more sense to do so.

When To Augment Your Software Development Team?

Well as you already know it’s less of a service, and more of a business strategy. So, depending on your business needs you should use these strategies at their best.


Let’s go through some scenarios where augmenting your software development team is profitable.


You own a startup company

Startups, in this age, need technology more than ever. And, if you are not a founder with billions of dollars in your dad’s bank account then team augmentation is for you.

It’s plain and simple, less risk and cost, more efficiency and productivity. You can cut down on the hassle of retaining your employees. Hire the key players in-house. Augment the tech team as an extension of your in-house team.

You Need To Optimize Your Budget

Your business has problems, you have a great idea, and you want to scale your business. But you don’t have the budget to hire a whole team, that you also know you can’t retain? Team augmentation is your lifesaver. Or, a business saver in this case.


Your Company Needs Flexible Team Development

Hiring developers in the traditional process is eats-up time and resources. Especially when you recruit. Who doesn’t want to recruit the right resource for the right position?

And, you won’t get much room in developing the whole team. Unless you have enough cash to burn. There you go team augmentation.


Great Strategy Right? Well, Keep On Reading.


You Want Quality, But Your In-House Team Lacks The Capacity

You have your in-house team. But let’s not force a cow to milk the amount of four. Your teammates are humans, not machines. But your business requires quality and more capacity. Now you need to become a SMART leader and take SMART actions.

In this scenario, hiring more in-house developers doesn’t make sense, does it?

Add an augmented team as an extension of your in-house team. Problem solved. Save those hard-earned bucks. Ensure quality and cut out the fear of liability.


Doesn’t sounds like rocket science, does it?


Your Company Requires, Specialists In a Certain Area

When your need is limited, It’s hard to hire and keep experts in a variety of areas. Let’s your company needs a group of SQA experts or AI/Ml experts or experts in any other tech stack. Your in-house team doesn’t have these talents. Hiring them in-house can become a hassle. Especially when you need them for a specific project or specific period.

Now what? Are you gonna stop your project, close your business, and take a vacation? Obviously not. You need to close those projects. You need to lead your company toward success. And the solution is — wait for it — team augmentation.

Hire a group of specific experts on demand, and scale up or down as needed.

You Need To Close Projects Fast

Deadlines are hitting hard. Your project managers are stressing out. Your development team is getting frustrated. You need more hands.

Now if you are thinking of hiring in-house, then recruiting will eat up your time. Getting the new recruits up and running will eat up your time. And, let’s not forget deadlines are closing in. Also, have you thought of what are you gonna do with the recruits after those projects get closed?


Another ideal scenario is where augmenting a bunch of specialists makes more sense, than hiring in-house.


You Need Tech Solution For Your Non-Technological Business

There’s no golden rule where it says you have to be a tech company to use this staffing strategy. Let’s assume you are doing business in the food industry. You need technological solutions to stay on top of the competitive edge.

You can go for in-house hiring. But, if you think from a long-term perspective, ask yourself this question. Do you need an in-house tech team?

You run a food business, not a software business. Is the picture clear now?


What you can do instead is, augment your technology team. Plain and simple strategy.


Key Take Away

  • Companies can scale up their development resources with team augmentation, meet project demands, and boost delivery timeline
  • Companies should consider team augmentation to fill up the gap of rare specialists in their in-house teams.
  • The augmented team can reduce development costs, and save time.
  • Companies can tap into a vast pool of talents by partnering up with reputed staff augmentation service providers.
  • Companies in any industry in need of technological solutions can use a team augmentation strategy to stay on top of the competitive edge.

Wrapping Up

Rather outsourcing and giving the project in the hands of strangers. Having an augmented team makes more sense, both in the case of cost-efficiency and security.

By Now you’ve figured out that this business strategy doesn’t only apply to the software industry. Although software development companies, both project-driven and product-driven can take advantage of this staffing strategy.

Efficiency, productivity, and quality are the criteria you must maintain for a successful business. Achieving it cost-efficiently is plus.


And, these are all the reasons you need to embrace an augmented staffing strategy, and always keep your business at the competitive edge.

About the Author: Sadman Sakib Khan

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